Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reflecting on English 111

English 111 gave me plenty of insight and many different technique to help improve my writting skills. For example, learning to write longer essays that include descriptive information without repeating the same form of details that I used prior.I enjoyed learning the styles of writting.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Elegance of Atlantic Homes

The most memorable employment I have obtained was as a certified nursing assistant at Atlantic Homes. It was one of the most elegant places that I had ever seen. The other medical facilities had the usual hospital setting, but Atlantic Homes seemed like it was a huge mansion for the rich and famous. As I entered the property, there was a security office to check in cars, and give directions to anyone who may need.
Once I passed the security office, I noticed the landscape was beautiful and the yard work was well done. I also noticed the homes on one side and the villa apartments across the street, but I was heading to the James Building Villa Apartments which were in the back of the complex. When I made it to my destination, I had to park in visitor parking to ensure there would not be any issues for parking because each occupant had their own parking space.
When I stepped out of my car and walked into the building, I noticed it was beautiful; the walls were a bright yellow with flowers and picture were hanging to match the furniture. The furniture was there to accommodate the occupants and visitors in the case of bad weather, or in case someone had to wait for a ride. There were elevators, and also four hallways that led to the main lobby of the entire complex.
I got on the elevator and went up to the fourth floor, and I began to notice that each floor had a different setting. As started walking towards the apartment, I saw that every occupant had their names next to their door, and a space under the name to decorate. Some people had flowers; others had pictures, and some took the time out to draw their decorations.
After walking for a while, finally getting to room 416, I rang the door bell and waited for a minute and someone answered. I stepped my foot into the door, and this apartment was gorgeous. The villa was spacious. There was the kitchen sitting off to the right hand side and the dining room was across from the kitchen where there was a beautiful hand carved hutch with plates from all over the world and other for souvenirs. Across from the dining room was the living room with huge glass end tables, a pure white couch, two brown chairs, a large picture hanging in the center of the wall, and two plants at each corner of the room. Then there were two bedrooms. One was used as a den for everyday to keep the living room tidy. The master bedroom with the bathroom was where the tenant slept, which was decorated with the a spring colored comforter with curtains to match. The bedroom furniture was made from cherry wood. The bathroom was also decorated with palm trees.When lunch time came we went back downstairs by elevator to head to the Bistro where meals are served. On the way to the Bistro I noticed that there was another restaurant, salon, and pool. There was also a fitness center for tenants who wanted to exercise and a clinic for the tenants if they felt ill. After walking through the building, we finally made it to the Bistro, and there was a reservation for two. Soon, we were seated by the hostess. Later the waitress came over to take our order and it was like dining in a five star restaurant. The service was unbelievable, and the waiters and waitresses were very polite. Atlantic Home was officially the most elegant the most elegant place I have ever worked.